Product Review- Tarte Frxxxtion Stick

In this month’s Sephora Play Box I received a sample of Tarte’s Frxxxtion Stick Exfoliating Cleanser.  My basic skin care has consisted of drug store brands up until this point in my life and my subscription boxes are my first thrifty attempts at trying out brands I would have normally considered too expensive.  This is the first product I’ve had in a subscription box that I was so in love with that I purchased a full size before my sample ran out. The presentation is huge with this one.  I travel a decent amount so having something I could easily toss in my bag without having to worry about spills definitely piqued my interests.

The appearance can be a little off putting at first.  It reminded me of a mud mask.  But once you put it on, all reservations go away.  It scrubs but isn’t too abrasive and exfoliated without damaging my skin like some drug store brands have in the past.  Afterwards my skin felt soft and clean.  It’s an easy, convenient addition to your beauty regime and the price was actually rather affordable especially considering it is a cleanser, exfoliater, and mask. $22  on the Sephora website and in the Sephora store.  If you’re a Sephora Play subscriber and a beauty insider (the two go hand in hand), there is a card included in your play box that gives you 50 extra points if you purchase at a Sephora store and give them the card.

Overall it’s a great product even for those just starting out, such as myself.  I have gotten samples of some other Tarte skincare products I will also be reviewing so keep your eyes peeled.  If you have any experiences with the Frixxxtion stick, comment and let me know.

Can I find it cheaper elsewhere?  If you can, let me know.  Sephora is your best bet from what I’ve found.  It’s $39.99 on amazon.